Sunday, October 7, 2012


I transferred this large bag of dry milk to quart jars. I have problems with moths in my house and the larvae chew threw everything but glass.
Yesterday I went to several flea markets with my friend John and then on the spur of the moment we decided to drive to Athens TX to see a wild life management area there that I would like to take the grand kids to after hunting season. And we found a road side stand selling sweet potatos. I bought a 44 pound box and then later found out I paid about  times the store price. Live and learn.
I am now making homemade dog food. I got tired of getting ants in my large bags of food and also started reading labels. I realized that it is easier to store food for them that I also eat. So I cook for them about every 2-3 days. Rice, powdered sweet potatos, 1 can of hamburger, garlic granuals, a little oil, or if I have them a couple of fresh eggs, and a hand full of what ever greens are growing in the garden. So at Sams I bought 20 lb of hamburger. This is expensive at 1.99 per lb. I can't wait for thanksgiving. I am going to grab a ton of turkeys and put them in the freezer and start thawing and canning them. I will also make quart jars of turkey broth which I only made one canner of last year and regretted it when I found out how amazing it was.
Helpful hint: use an old antenna from a portable radio or old TV. The tip is a magnet so you wont have to buy a fancy one at the sore.
Friday I went to Sams and bought a 48 ct box of toilet paper for storage.

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