Monday, June 18, 2012


I have done some research because I have decided that in Texas, as hot as it gets, rabbits are not the best food option. ^ Some chickens are not heat tolerant either though. However they do much better than rabbits. ^ So the type of chicken that you buy in the store is a very meaty tender bird. Unfortunately they are usually grown in pretty bad crowed conditions and may be treated poorly. I want to know that the chicken I eat has been treated humanely and the only way I can guarantee that 100% is to grow them myself. ^ So I ordered 2 Dark Cornish roosters and 5 White Rock hens. This combination should breed and produce a meaty fast growing broiler. (in theory) ^ I will keep the blog updated with the process. I also ordered some Cuckoo Marons that lay dark brown eggs. ^ I bought a small chicken coup and will buy another next month. I will keep the breeders in one coup and the egg layers in the other. ^ ^ ^ Right now I have 2 White Marons and a Brown Leggorn all hens. I have a White Leggorn rooster. These will be the base for my egg layers.

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