Thursday, May 3, 2012


My Buddy is healing. He is staying for a week at my daughters apartment so he can have cool and quiet and someone with him all the time to make sure he doesn't scratch open his stitches. The vet took photos and videos during his surgery so I got to see everything they did to him. I can not believe this doggy is alive. And not just alive but a very happy dog. He has 2 pain pills 3 times a day plus antibiotics. The cut went through all layers of his neck muscle. The vet doesn't understand how he was able to hold his head up or how he made it home, or how it peeled back the muscle from his jugular w/out cutting the vein. I am wiped out financially. Normally I would not pay this kind of money for a dog. But this dog is different and special. He is different than a plain farm dog. I will be bringing him in at night I think from now on. Until he loses his urge to roam. (thus the neutering) He wears a folded towel around his neck to protect from scratching and will go back to the vet on Saturday to get one of the drain tubes out. He will get the other out about a week later. He has 5 layers of sutures in his neck not to mention the layers of dead muscle that they had to remove. Think about a wound like that. and he made it home. I wonder how many people watched him walk up the road thinking maybe he was sick or rabid. I wonder if anyone saw what happened and just didn't try to find the owner because it's the country and stuff like this just happen out here. It is very frustrating. I love it out here but I wish I lived in the city.

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