Friday, November 25, 2011


Here is my project list for this day:

1. spread and salt 2 deer hides my son brought me (decided to soak them instead in prep of fleshing saturday)

2. soak some vines in water in prep to make holiday wreaths for the family (didn't get done)

3. make some runs on the tractor to the burn pile (done)

4. feed rabbits and check for babies (done)

5. debone all turkey (done)

6. boil the carcass (boiling now)

7. chop most of the meat and put into sterilized canning jars (chopped and waiting for stock to finish)(case of soup finished, plus 8 qts of thickened broth canned)

8. add raw chopped onion, celery, uncooked pasta, salt and pepper to the jars (chopped)

9. add thickened broth to the jars and can them for 90 min

And then build a fire in the chiminea and drink wine with my son and his daughter when they arive.(done and what a wonderful evening)

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