Thursday, March 3, 2011


Ok I realize that I am on migraine meds today but these were weird even for that:

Dream 1.
I was best friends with the artist lady on Bones. We rented homes together in a dirty area of a small hilly town. As I was unpacking I realized I had signed a lease on a house when I owned a farm out in the country (at this point a flash picture of what that farm looked like went through my memory and it was not this farm)
I knew I had to either move back, break my lease and lose her as a friend, or sell or rent the farm.

Dream 2.
A short one....I was me looking out of my eyes so I wasn't a 3rd party like watching a movie. I was standing in a flat bed trailer which was hooked to the back of a Chevy truck. In the truck was a woman and children. The truck began to pull off and drive down the driveway with me in the trailer. I knew I wasn't ready so I felt myself wave and I yelled "Hey!" Now the weird part. My voice was male and very deep! The truck stopped far from me and I looked down and saw that the trailer had come unhitched from the truck. The truck door opened and a woman got out...too far for me to see her....and I knew she was my wife!

Ok time for more meds!

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