Sunday, December 27, 2009


I have told you about Larry....who pretended to be Lilly for several months after I hatched him. Suddenly he began his squeaky crow.

Well that crow is developing nicely and he has a fancy hair doo and he is getting his tail feathers and he is BLONDE!!!!

I knew the faithful 4 would have a hard time resisting. Studmuffin lately has been chasing him away from his girls. Of course he runs away screaming like a girl.

Typical youngin when faced with true power.

But yesterday while I was setting up the new trampoline I saw the drama unfold.

Larry caught one of the females eye. He instantly poofed his feathers, dropped one wing, dropped his head and began to dance.

She glanced back at Studmuffin who was busy finding food for the other girls. She looked at Larry who danced again...making promises he probably would not keep. And then she made up her mind. She walked to Larry. That is when Studmuffin noticed. All he did in his dignified way was round up the remaining girls and walk away.

Last night when I closed up the chicken house....there was Larry on the roost with Studmuffin and the girls...all except the one with the scarlet letter on her. She was banned to sleep alone on the nest box.

This morning she had to make the same decision. Larry began to dance, Studmuffin stood dignified. Then a mean guniea attacked her and what did she do? Run straight for the one she knew would protect her...Studmuffin. And she got quite a shock. He turned on her and burred up and chased her off. No longer would she be one of his flock. She went into the waiting wings of Larry who welcomed her.

As the Farm Turns


Farmgirl Cyn said...

There's a name for little chickies like her, but this seems like a family type blog so we won't go there. Enough said!!!

Leasmom said...

Thats some drama there!-lol! Studmuffin is still the best name I've yet heard!

karri said...

LOL you are not kidding farmgirl. Us women know. Leasmom you know how dramatic this life can get. I agree with the name. He sure knows he is one.

karri said...

that is tracy signed in as karri due to computer issues still. sorry